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E-Content For Students :

Sr. No. Details Download
1. C language by kapil for bca and bsc students
2. visual basic for bsc by kapil
3. PPT of retail management Bcom VI Sem
4. Untitled (1)
5. business cycle
6. B.A 4th sem English
7. Insurance Intermediaries
8. MNC ppt  
9. company Law
10. Performance__Appraisal
11. Bsc 4th sem sanskrit
12 Natural hazards and disaster management (Manoj Sharma)
13. Moral education (Manoj sharma) geography
14. Aerial photography (manoj sharma) geography
15. Geographical thought 1(manoj sharma) geography
16. Photo from Manisha khasa
17. Geographical thought 2(manoj sharma) geography
18. MA English - Sem II
19. MA English - Sem IV
20. Dr. Vinita Nandal (Botany) syllabus
21. B.Sc and BCA ppts(2 in number)
22. B.A 2ND SEM Sanskrit
23. Class notes for ba 1st and final year students
24. Class notes for ba 1st and final year students Geography
25. SANSKRIT 6th sem
26. B.A 4TH SEM
27.  Ba 1st year class notes... Hindi
28. Dr. Jyotsna PPT(Botany)
29. Html_tutorial by kapil
30. emerging env. prob. issue policies program movement by Mr. Mohan lal assist. prof.
31. ppts on different subjects of B.com
32. bca and bsc students
33. The Blind Dog by R K Narayana Video 1" on YouTube
34. Watch "Merchants Of Venice(2004) full movie with subtitles" on YouTube
36. plant tissue culture (b.sc 6th sem)
37. Watch "Before Breakfast" on YouTube
38. Devender Sharma Assistant Professor Department of geography.
39. Mathematics department (Dr Santosh and Dr Surender Kumar)
40. Document from Devender Sharma
41. B. Come and BA 1


B.Sc 6th sem Zoology syllabus ppts
43. Document from Indu Vashisht Physics
44. I am sharing 'imgtopdf_generated_2903201317010.pdf' with you from WPS Office
45. ppt for B.Com students
46. b.sc 6th sem organic chemistry protein topic
47. MCom 2nd sem financial mgt
48. Document from vinod kumar
49. Geography notes
50. Investment management- important topic
51. Hindi class B.A.2nd
52. b.sc 6th sem enolates
53. Hindi for B.A.1st Students
54. Physical education
55. Document from Dr.Manju Nandal
56. B.A.1st Hindi Grammar topic varn vichar six pages
57. For the syllabus B.Sc. 2nd Sem
58. For the syllabus B.Sc. 4th Sem
59. For the syllabus B.Sc. 6th Sem
60. Pdf file for History for BA 6th sem
61. PPT on Controlling ( Business Mgt. 2nd sem.)
62. Zoology Respiration(part 1)
63. e content of mathematics for BA 1 and Bcom 1
64. Mathematics department (Dr Santosh and Dr Surender Kumar)
65. Geography Reading Material
66. B. A. I Hindi by Dr. Anju Sharma
67. Bsc 1st physics 2nd
68. B. Sc 6 sem physics
69. b.sc 4th sem aldehydes and ketone
70. b.sc 1st sem alkyl halides
71. b.sc 2nd sem alkyl halides
72. New Doc 04-06-2020 13.30.41 Hindi
73. Branding
74. B.Com First Year Business Cycles
75. B.Com-I Product Identification-1
76. Topics for M. Com. Final students
77. B.Com 2nd Meeting of Company
78. Information Technology Act 2000
79. Untitled document
80. New Doc 04-06-2020 17.03.47 Hindi





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  • Fully Air Conditioned Block
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Seminar Hall
  • Earthquake resistant building
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gymkhana Club
  • Basketball & Tennis Court
  • Well furnished Cafeteria
  • Highly qualified, dedicated & experienced faculty for all department
  • Latest teaching and visual aids like interactive digital board, multimedia projector etc.